A Wonderful Day in Battambang, Cambodia

Traveling with kids in tow, I always try to keep the discomfort of “travel days,” those days where the goal is simply to get from one place to another, to a minimum. Sometime that means  I pay a little extra for the “VIP” bus (which means we are still on an old, dilapidated bus, with ants making nests in the seats and air conditioning dripping on our heads the whole time, but there will be less caged poultry aboard with us). Sometimes that means I pay a little extra to fly instead of traveling overland. Sometimes it means I look for places to break up journeys, so that 15 hour bus ride becomes two eight hour bus rides instead. Continue reading

Ta Prohm: Peace In The Ruins

I went to Cambodia, more or less, to see Angkor Wat. When I planned my trip, I didn’t know that Phnom Penh would become one of my favorite cities in the world (it did). I didn’t know that the bamboo railway outside Battambang would be surprisingly fun (it was). And I would have guessed deep fried tarantula would be awful (it wasn’t). What I knew was in the middle of Cambodia was one of the world’s great archaeological treasures. Continue reading

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