Angels in the Underground: Tales from Moscow

Moscow is famous for its subways.  People come from all over the world just to ride them.  Or so most of the Russians I met told me.  It is true that Moscow has by far the best subterranean public transportation architecture I have ever seen.  Marble floors.  Frescos.  Mosaics.  Sculptures.  And absolutely no graffiti.  The Russians do not want anything to detract from the aesthetic beauty of their subway.  And that includes any useful distraction like, for example, signs telling you the name of the terminal you are in. Continue reading

Arriving in Moscow: Sometimes Those Who Wander Are Totally Lost


I can think of several reasons why Russia does not make a good destination for a brief stopover.  To start with, getting a Russian visa is only slightly less complicated than figuring out your own taxes and generally costs a little more.  The weather is notoriously frigid; crime is notoriously high; and before you go, you will most likely feel obligated to read one of those Russian novels slightly thicker than the Bible so that you do not seem the uncultured oaf. Continue reading

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