Travel Day: Getting from Singapore to Melaka

There are two approaches to getting a bus from Singapore to Melaka, Malaysia. First, the easy way: book a bus straight from Singapore’s Queen Street Station right on to Melaka (Sentral Station). Second, the cheap way: take one bus from Queen Street Station to Larkin Station in Johor Bahru (JB), the Malaysian border town, and then catch another bus from there to Melaka. Continue reading

How to Eat Street Food in Singapore

I once heard an interview with Anthony Bourdain where he was asked his favorite city in the world for eating. Of course he dodged the question, never pinpointing a single city. He did name a few though, and Singapore was one of those cities.

I love to gripe about Bourdain. But let’s face it, I am just jealous. My ten-year life plan is either to replace him or become his faithful sidekick. I haven’t figured out which one has a better chance of success yet. Continue reading

Our Shameful First Bite in Singapore

After our ridiculously early start in Taipei, we arrived in Singapore like zombies. We shuffled slowly down the corridors at Changi Airport, each of us wearing a blank, thousand-yard stare. We were sluggish. We were inarticulate. All we wanted was some food (thank you Air Asia for not only overcharging for pretty mediocre food in flight, but not allowing us to bring outside food with us either). Continue reading

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