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Travelers’ Conundrum: Backpacker Ghettos–Good or Evil?

Bangkok. The very name conjures up images of smoke-filled temples seated next to muddy, brown rivers. Dilapidated pushcarts filled with the most wonderful small eats choke streets lined with modern steel and glass skyscrapers. Business women and men in tailored business apparel push their way through crowded streets while shaved-headed, saffron-robed monks glide serenely by (often looking at their iPhones). Continue reading

Backpacker Laundry: Do-It-Yourself Laundry in Borneo

I am in a small, 4×4 foot, room. An overhead fluorescent light flickers every now and then, emitting a harsh glare that would hurt my eyes even if it were constant. That the room randomly flicks from a murky, half-lit state to agonizingly bright is enough to make my head throb. It is cold, and damp, and spare. And I am dressed only in my t-shirt and flip flops (not a great look). You might guess I am in a torture chamber, or some kind of new age German micro rave club nestled snugly into the basement of a former prison.

But I am actually in the bathroom at Uncle Tan’s B&B. I am trying to do laundry in Borneo. Continue reading

Travel Day: Getting from Singapore to Melaka

There are two approaches to getting a bus from Singapore to Melaka, Malaysia. First, the easy way: book a bus straight from Singapore’s Queen Street Station right on to Melaka (Sentral Station). Second, the cheap way: take one bus from Queen Street Station to Larkin Station in Johor Bahru (JB), the Malaysian border town, and then catch another bus from there to Melaka. Continue reading

Travel Day: From Taipei to Singapore

8:30 AM sounds like a reasonable enough time to have a flight. But here is the problem. The recommended time to arrive at the airport for an international flight is two hours before departure time. That means you need to be at the airport at 6:30 for an 8:30 flight. And I know that some people don’t arrive that early, but I almost missed an international flight once when I showed up 2 1/2 hours before departure. I would rather be safe than stressed. Continue reading

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