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I Did What!? Fishing for Tako (Octopus) with My Teeth

The first time I went spearfishing for tako (the Japanese word for octopus–this word is commonly used in Hawaii) was quite a shock to me. A friend invited me to come with him, and I envisioned myself taking a deep breath, diving below the surface of the crystal clear waters off Oahu’s north shore, spotting one of the eight-legged critters, and shooting it with a spear. Continue reading

Wave Hello, Or Wave Goodbye

I had been trying for years to get to the surrealistic swirl of rock known as the Wave. It was only a few miles from the road, and it was in the desert of northern Arizona, a region of the US I had visited a fair number of times. But the Wave, so I was told, was in danger of being “loved to death.” Too many people wanted to visit the too fragile area. To protect the Wave, a strict permit system was instituted that allowed only a few people each day to visit the area. Continue reading

The Smithsonian: We’ve Come a Long Way–But Only Part Way

On our recent trip to the mainland we spent two whirlwind days during which we saw more or less every single inch of the National Mall in Washington DC. We saw the monuments. We saw the political buildings. And boy did we see the museums. Lots of museums. During our second day in DC we saw the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the National Archives, and the Museum of American History (along with most of the monuments … can you say footsore?). Within the Museum of American History, there was a wing dedicated to African American history (highlighting a small portion of the collection that was to go into the new National Museum of African American History and Culture that was set to open about a year after we were there). Continue reading

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